8 Tips to Help Non-Techies Move to Linux |

8 Tips to Help Non-Techies Move to Linux |

While bringing them to the Linux facet of the computing international, I discovered a couple of issues about serving to non-techies transfer to Linux. If anyone asks you to assist them make the bounce to Linux, those 8 guidelines let you.

1. Be truthful about Linux.

Linux is superb. It’s now not highest, even though. It may also be perplexing and from time to time irritating for brand spanking new customers. It’s very best to get ready the individual you might be serving to with a brief pep communicate.

What will have to you discuss? Briefly provide an explanation for what Linux is and the way it differs from different working techniques. Explain what you’ll and can not do with it. Let them know one of the most ache issues they could come upon when the usage of Linux day-to-day.

If you’re taking somewhat of time to ease them into Linux and open supply, the transfer would possibly not be as jarring.

2. It’s now not about you.

It’s simple to fall into what I name the energy person fallacy: the concept everybody makes use of generation the similar means you do. That’s hardly, if ever, the case.

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