Bat Spell nerfed again in January update

Bat Spell nerfed again in January update

Clash of Clans update hub

Welcome to our Clash of Clans update hub! We’ll be amassing the entire legit stability adjustments and updates for Clash of Clans as they’re launched via the Finnish massive Supercell. Even after 6 years, lovers can be expecting a brand new Clash of Clans update each and every month!

Whether you’re a brand new participant or a TH12 veteran, you should definitely bookmark this web page to stick up-to-date on the newest buffs, nerfs, and new troops introduced each and every month. Below you’ll in finding the newest Clash of Clans update, adopted via earlier updates.

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Clash of Clans Update: The newest

Clash of Clans update January Bats Supercell

Clash of Clans update: January Bat Spell balancing

Released: January 7, 2019

The January update is a small one, and it’s concerned about a unmarried factor. Despite the nerf in the former Clash of Clans update, the Bat Spell nonetheless remained too tough in comparability to different spell possible choices. The selection of Bats spawned has been decreased (again) and their first assault prolong is longer.

Clash of Clans January Bat Spell balancing patch notes

Bat Spell

  • Each degree of the spell now spawns fewer Bats.
    • Level 1: 7 (down from 10).
    • Level 2: nine (down from 12).
    • Level three: 11 (down from 14).
    • Level four: 16 (down from 18).
    • Level five: 21 (down from 22).
  • Bat first assault prolong greater to at least one.five seconds (from 2nd).
  • Damage stays unchanged.

Clash of Clans update historical past

Clash of Clans new update december balance changes Supercell

Clash of Clans update: December Balance update assessment

Release date: December 12

It looks as if the December Clash of Clans update would possibly have wanted a little extra tweaking ahead of being launched, as the advance crew has launched a stability update simply two days after the massive one hit. Fans complained, and Supercell answered briefly.

This stability update is solely concerned about two new components presented in the December 2018 update. More in particular, it nerfs the brand new Dark Spell Bats and the brand new Siege gadget the Stone Slammer. See beneath for the total checklist of adjustments presented in this new Clash of Clans update.

Clash of Clans update: December Balance update patch notes

Bat spell

  • Each degree of the spell now spawns fewer Bats.
    • Level 1: 10 (down from 15).
    • Level 2: 12 (down from 18).
    • Level three: 14 (down from 21).
    • Level four: 18 (down from 24).
    • Level five: 22 (down from 27).

Stone Slammer

  • Stone Slammer injury modifier greater to 25x (from 15x).
  • Splash injury now falls off with distance.
  • Walls instantly adjoining to the objective development will all the time be destroyed.
  • HP decreased at ranges 2 and three.
    • Level 1: Unchanged.
    • Level 2: 5900 (down from 6200).
    • Level three: 6200 (down from 6800).

Siege Workshop

  • Level three Siege Workshop now permits 6 Siege Machines to be saved.
  • three saved as to be had, three in queue.

Clash of Clans update December

Clash of Clans update: December 2018 update assessment

Release date: December 10

Brace yourselves, as a result of Winter is right here, and with it comes an enormous quantity of latest content material in Clash of Clans’ new update. The December 2018 update introduces the Ice Golem and Bats, either one of which can be acquainted to lovers of Clash Royale. Plus, there are a lot of vacation sweets that can proceed to return out over the following month.

Clash of Clans veterans can have a good time with the Stone Slammer, a brand new siege weapon that’s to be had at TH12. It drops boulders that deal huge AoE injury to defenses, and prefer different siege machines, it properties Clan Castle troops in addition! 

Clash of Clans update: December 2018 update patch notes

New troop: Ice Golem

  • Ice Golem is a Dark Elixir troop to be had at TH11.
  • Requires newly added Dark Barracks degree eight to coach.
  • Targets defenses and freezes the entirety he touches.
  • Explodes when defeated, freezing within sight structures.

New Spell: Bats

  • Bats is a brand new Dark Spell to be had at TH11.
  • Requires newly added Dark Spell Factory degree five to brew.
  • Summons 10+ bats any place at the battlefield.
  • Bats goal defenses and don’t cause traps.

New Siege Machine: The Stone Slammer

  • The Stone Slammer is to be had on the newly added Workshop degree three.
  • Targets defenses and offers as much as 25x injury to partitions, relying on distance.
  • Once defeated, Clan Castle troops spawn underneath it.

New Magic Item: Shovel of Obstacles

  • Shovel of Obstacles means that you can quickly carry and re-place any impediment.
  • Works on particular tournament hindrances, similar to Christmas timber.
  • Can grasp as much as five shovels at a time.

New Magic Item: Hero Potion

  • Temporarily boosts a Hero’s degree via five.
  • Cannot build up previous the Hero degree prohibit of your present Town Hall.

Home Village Changes:

  • Extra War Layout slots at the moment are that can be purchased with gem stones.
  • Siege Machine selection can now be modified ahead of a struggle starts.
  • Grand Warden mode can now be modified in struggle ahead of it’s been deployed.
  • League Medals over the 2500 cap can be transformed into Gems.
  • Improved UI for capsules and really extensive display screen units.

Builder Base Changes:

  • Cannon Cart DPS decreased via 15%.
  • Third Cannon Card now to be had at degree 10, down from 16.
  • Super P.E.Ok.Ok.A. HP decreased via five%.
  • Baby Dragon HP greater via 7.five%.
  • Upgrade occasions for Builder Base troops in Star Laboratory decreased around the board.
  • Gem Mine can now be upgraded to degree three in Builder Hall degree three.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a malicious program in village editor mode.
  • Fixed a malicious program with unarmed traps whilst scout or wall mode is enabled.
  • Wall Wreckers will not get caught on decorations.
  • Fixed a visible malicious program with the Clan Castle badge.
  • Donating Siege Machines now contributes 30 housing area to Clan Games duties.
  • Fixed a malicious program when opting for your title all through the educational.
  • Clock Tower boosts will now stay paused after repairs.
  • Fixed a malicious program the place defensive structures weren’t showing their correct degree in the Builder Base whilst underneath development ahead of struggle.

Seasonal Content:

  • New Seasonal loading display screen.
  • Holiday track added.
  • Seasonal impediment now spawns in Home Village.
  • Snow impact and snow-covered structures, can also be grew to become off in settings.

That’s it for our Clash of Clans update hub. Be positive to bookmark this text, as we’ll update it over the following couple of weeks and months with the newest releases!

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