Can we put an end to price predictions?

Can we put an end to price predictions?

Tom Lee broadcasts that… Winklevoss twins optimistically confirm that… John McAffee doubles down on preliminary prediction of…

Still? We're giving clicks to this bullshit? The worst is that within the feedback of each thread like this, persons are stating how silly making those predictions is.

Mods, can we in the end outright ban 'articles' that do not anything however inject bullish sentiment? It blurs the waters and does not anything however hype up Bitcoin (and in uncommon circumstances – ETH). "Celebrity" buyers and analysts by no means speak about different initiatives both, in spite of the large business beef up a few of these initiatives are accumulating (VeChain, Hyperledger, IOTA, XRP, and many others.). Why? Just like the remainder of us, they’ve 0 thought what the long run actually holds. All they may be able to do is find the assets they’ve to manipulate public sentiment, which we fortunately assist them do.

Furthermore, when you suppose injecting synthetic bullish sentiment makes a marketplace more potent (and due to this fact, much more likely to cross up), suppose once more. All it does is draw in uneducated speculators and sharks who at all times want contemporary blood to feed on.

It's a virus that most likely received't cross away, however no less than we can do our section in reducing its have an effect on.

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