Dropshipping Young – Is is possible? : ecommerce

Dropshipping Young – Is is imaginable? : ecommerce

Yay, every other dropshipping submit from a clueless noob. Sorry!

I’m 15 years previous and need to begin with Oberlo and Shopify to create a dropshipping industry. I do not have hopes of succeeding in anyway, however what are some pointers you would give me to get me nearer to good fortune?

My purpose is to begin with 1-2 merchandise so I do not get crushed seeking to put it on the market a couple of merchandise. I am in search of some monetary recommendation as smartly…

Could someone give me a coarse estimate of the price of promoting a $10-$50 product on Google and Facebook, paying for Shopify and different prices? I am guessing I might want $4500 each and every 6 months to even believe being comfy?

Again, I am completely new to this and need to be good with my budget. This brings me to every other factor… I most effective have $150. What’s a technique to get buyers to pitch in cash for what you are promoting? Crowdfunding/ family and friends?

Sorry for the unorganized submit… I am doing an excessive amount of without delay and I hope for some a hit methods.

Thank you to someone who responds, I a great deal recognize it.


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