Former BitTorrent Exec Says There’s “No Way” Its Token Can Run on Tron : CryptoCurrency

Former BitTorrent Exec Says There’s “No Way” Its Token Can Run on Tron : CryptoCurrency

Im having a bet on the latter- The “Tron Accelerator” contest presently is a shitshow. Basically Tron Accelerator is an alleged $1m prizes for dapps on tron. This used to be the only reason such a lot of eth dapps (ie ethergoo) were copy-pasting their dapp onto tron, to get a work of cash (No, opposite to the silly headlines, they aren’t “jumping ship.” Goo for instance plans to proceed their primary construction of World War Goo on Ethereum). The winners for Tron Accelerator have been intended to be introduced the previous day however bizarre stuff is going on, for instance they made up our minds to switch the payout constitution, and quite a lot of FUD within the tron builders discord. One SR candidate posts:

Nobody even is aware of that they will pay out the overall 1,000,000 I will ensure they may not. They did not pay out the overall quantity ultimate festival They’re now not slicing prize quantities as a result of such a lot of folks supposedly entered, they are slicing them as a result of they may not pay the overall quantity. 100 winners isn’t higher than 57 when nearly all of the ones winners took 30 mins to reskin an present good contract on the community You could make the entire excuses you wish to have, or attempt to see the great in it however you are most effective mendacity to your self When we were given $75ok shaved off our prize, we were not glad as a result of 100 winners have been higher than 57. They did not even select winners for one of the crucial prizes.

Right now, tron principally has no distinctive dapps in any respect. They are all both 1) similar ideas from eth dapps ie goo, shrimp farm, fomo which usually are get in early to benefit video games the place botting is effective, such a lot of of the customers you spot aren’t correct or 2) the similar scammy on line casino dapp-structure from EOS, the place principally the on line casino mints space tokens to avid gamers based totally on quantity and folks speculate (“mine” them via hanging lots of low possibility low praise bets) on them pondering they are going to hang price. On eos, the amount and avid gamers for those have been extremely misguided once more because of botters and devs seeking to spoof top quantity/customers. Funny factor is, justin solar turns out to show pride in some of these low-effort ponzi and on line casino dapps based totally on his retweeting and whatnot (this is him warmly welcoming ponzi kings Team Just aka POWH3D to construct on tron), as though he doesnt even absolutely perceive whats going down or doesnt care. I imagine a few of these in fact will obtain prizes in Tron Accel, like in point of fact? You need your platform to simply be a ponzi/on line casino chain with exitscams ready to occur? But alternatively, what do you are expecting given DPOS- I doubt folks would in point of fact accept as true with top stage monetary software dapps on a platform like tron.

Tron video games may just be fascinating if it had builders with distinctive new dapps that took good thing about the quick speeds to make new ideas, however even still- there was such a lot of node issues inside the previous couple of weeks, ie trongrid outage, the place folks the usage of tronlink couldnt play dapps or switch their trx.


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