FunFair platform based Casino’s (first of which being Casino Fair) now legal in Ukraine and Russia. More to come soon : CryptoCurrency

A laughFair platform based Casino’s (first of which being Casino Fair) now legal in Ukraine and Russia. More to come soon : CryptoForex

  1. Bitcoin (BTC) – $114.15B – $6596.28
  2. Ethereum (ETH) – $22.89B – $223.60
  3. XRP (XRP) – $21.07B – $zero.53
  4. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – $eight.98B – $516.59
  5. EOS (EOS) – $five.26B – $five.80
  6. Stellar (XLM) – $four.62B – $zero.25
  7. Litecoin (LTC) – $three.43B – $58.53
  8. Tether (USDT) – $2.80B – $1.00
  9. Cardano (ADA) – $2.12B – $zero.08
  10. Monero (XMR) – $1.89B – $114.98
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Resources & Tools

CoinCheckUp (Tracking and research)

CoinDesk (Crypto News)

Coingecko (Price graphs)

CoinMarketCap (Cryptocurrencies marketplace caps) (Jobs in crypto)

HyperLedger Project (Linux Opensource Ledger)

Microsoft Azure Blockchain

WalletGenerator (Paper pockets generator) (Portfolio monitoring. Warning: Background mining)


IBM’s 0ToBlockchain (Free studying assets)

Khan Academy on Bitcoin (Free Course)

Mastering Bitcoin (Open Source e-book)

Mastering Ethereum (Open Source e-book)


Local Exchanges


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