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How to cook pork belly?

In the past, farming families could not afford to eat meat. That’s why they try to prepare various dishes based on various offal. cook pork belly Such dishes turn out to be very tasty and nutritious. They are often served even at festive tables.


One of the most popular offal is pork belly, the nutritional quality of which is almost inferior to meat. One hundred grams of pork belly contains about 159 calories.


The pig’s belly is a muscular organ, the shape of which is characteristic of a sack. Based on the stomach, you can cook a wonderful variety of meat dishes, but the most important thing is that they are suitable for the filling, acting as an edible natural shell.


Back in ancient times, all Slavic peoples prepared various national dishes based on pork belly. It is common for the Christmas celebration table to craft a stuffed pork belly. As a filling, it can be used as minced meat and cereal grains – for example, pearl barley or millet.


In Belarus, to this day, prepare a dish called Vanrobyanka, and in Ukraine – Kendyukh. In both cases, this dish is pork belly, inside is stuffing from other refuse. Russia, based on pork belly, they like to cook dishes such as salt and food. And in Chuvashia, one of the most popular national dishes is Kugar Shurbi.


Preparation technology


In a deep container, we pour two liters of water into a large spoonful of salt and acetic essence. Let’s soak the abomasum for three hours and the kidneys for an hour. From the tongue and ears, we remove dirt and hay. We will boil pork kidneys for an hour. Just do the language and ears – they should cook in a separate bowl for about 90 minutes with herbs and roasted vegetables.


Remove the white coating from the tongue, cut it into pieces: ears and kidneys – a straw. We cut the beef fillet into neat strips, season with salt and pepper, and combine the by-products. Fill this mass with the scar space, put a light “bait” with ordinary thread and prepare to cook for several hours. After that, stuff the pork belly with mayonnaise and bake for about an hour. Enjoy culinary masterpieces!


Cook pork belly for stuffing


The pork belly is thoroughly washed, cleaned with a knife, it turns out, brushing under running water as follows. For 5 minutes, pour the hull with boiling water, remove, cool a little, and clean again from the inside and outside, scraping the film. As an abrasive, we use a large amount of salt. After this procedure, wash the stomach thoroughly and put it in cold water for 8 hours. Rinse thoroughly before preparation.


Pork belly stuffed with buckwheat – recipe.


  • pork belly – 1 piece;

  • buckwheat groats – about 2 cups;

  • fresh mushrooms (champignons, for example) – 8 pcs.;

  • garlic – 1 pc .;

  •   150 g;

  • ground black pepper and other spices (coriander, cloves, nutmeg);

  • soft melted butter – 2 tbsp. Spoon.


We will boil crumbly buckwheat (that is, about 3 cups of water, no longer). You can’t even cook, but pour buckwheat boiling water in a ceramic saucepan with a lid and wait. The breast is cut into crackers, and we heat it from fat in a pan. Passer in the finely chopped onion fat, then add the mushrooms, sliced ​​a little larger. We cook the onion-mushroom mixture, stirring, over low heat for 15 minutes with the addition of melted butter and spices. Combine the buckwheat and onion mushroom mixture.

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