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Sleep rhythm – how to change it and sleep better again

A disturbed sleep rhythm damages our health & robs us of energy. fix sleep schedule With these measures, you can reliably change it and get back to healthy sleep.

Hardly any other activity is as essential for the body and mind as sleeping. The entire organism regenerates itself during sleep.

It is all the more problematic when one’s sleep rhythm is disturbed.

Today I will go into more detail on this topic and explain what you can do to affect your night’s sleep positively.

In addition to some information on sleep rhythms and types of sleep, I also present some ways and products that can help you improve a disturbed sleep rhythm.

Among other things, this post deals with the following topics:

I hope that these explanations provide you with helpful information that will help you recognize your sheep’s rhythm and, if necessary, change it. Because there is nothing more important than a healthy sleep.

What is sleep rhythm?

The sleep rhythm includes the times when you are asleep or awake. The more regular this rhythm is, the easier it is to sleep healthily.

Unfortunately, many external and internal influences can disrupt the sleep rhythm.

The consequences are problems falling asleep, restless sleep, and the feeling that the body and mind are not rested.

Note: Everyone has their sleep rhythm. fix sleep schedule So there are no general rules as to when you should sleep.

But there is a little bit of help: your sleep type.

Different sleep types have different sleep rhythms

Surely you also know people who are much more active in the morning than in the evening.

Some people find it challenging to start the day, but it can hardly be stopped in the evening.

Depending on which sleep type you belong to, you should adapt your sleep rhythm to these preferences.

  • There is no point in getting an attractive person to fall asleep early and wake up early.
  • Likewise, those active in the morning should follow their natural rhythm and go to sleep early.

The more you go against the natural tendencies, the more difficult it will be for you to find a healthy sleep rhythm.

What influences the sleep rhythm

People get used to all sorts of circumstances and circumstances, no matter how adverse they may be. The body adapts and develops its sleep rhythm.

Sleep when it’s dark

For thousands of years, people’s sleep behavior was very clearly determined by the change between day and night.

People fell asleep when it got dark in the evening and woke up when it got light again the following day.

This tendency deep rooted in us.

Fact: Even a particular sleep hormone called melatonin develops in the body when it gets dark.

The electric light and the modern requirements for the early days of school and work have ensured that most people’s sleep rhythm no longer depends on the sun’s position.

Instead of being woken up naturally by the morning brightness, an alarm clock rings on pretty much every German bed in the morning. fix sleep schedule Mostly at times when it is still dark outside.

Most people’s sleep patterns have changed dramatically over the last few centuries.

  • The result is sleep disorders and health problems associated with restless sleep during the night.
  • Chronic lack of sleep affects the entire body negatively – and many Germans suffer from it.

So if you are constantly tired and feeling weak, then it is best to read on – in this article, I will show you what measures you can take to eliminate the causes of a disturbed sleep rhythm.

Other negative changes in sleep patterns

In addition to the early days of school and work, many other factors can harm sleep patterns.

I have summarized the most important ones here:

  • Work stress: Those who work too many hours a day usually do not find enough rest at night to relax the body properly. fix sleep schedule Stress harms sleep patterns.
  • Time change: Even a tiny shift such as a change to summer or winter causes sleep rhythm problems in sensitive people.
  • Shift work: There is nothing worse for the sleep rhythm than a constant change in the sleeping and waking phases. Many shift workers, therefore, have significant problems finding a healthy sleep rhythm.
  • Jetlag: Anyone who has flown against the clock knows the adverse effects of jetlag. The body’s internal clock reacts to the changing times of the day with many problems. Among other things, it is difficult to fall asleep.

Of course, the sleeping environment itself can also provide for short nights:

  1. The wrong pillow unbalances the spine and creates tension.
  2. The right mattress ( e.g., made of latex or gel foam ) is essential – you spend around a third of the day on it.
  3. Mattress toppers and mattress toppers made of Visco foam provide additional comfort and promote healthy sleep.
  4. A cheap option is a suitable duvet – there are many options here: e.g., summer duvets or 4-season duvets.

There are also a few other things you can do to help you sleep well again:

What to do when your sleep rhythm broke

Since hardly anyone can do anything about the specified working hours – regardless of whether they correspond to their sleep rhythm or not – there are often situations in which the ideal sleep rhythm differs significantly from the actual sleep rhythm.

Some different ways and products can help to influence a broken sleep rhythm positively.

The following chapter will introduce both products and home remedies that can help you change your sleep rhythm.

However, the following also applies here: A guide on the Internet does not replace medical advice. Always consult a specialist if you have serious complaints!

The best remedy for a healthy sleep rhythm is routine

Experts agree that adult humans should sleep at least eight hours a day, preferably at every time. Unfortunately, most people rarely get a total of eight hours of sleep these days. The European average is seven hours of sleep per night.

Even on the weekend, you should stick to your routine, getting up the rhythm.

Rule: The more regularly you follow the exact sleep times, the easier it will be to adjust your sleep rhythm.

Those who go to sleep much later on Fridays and Saturdays and then stay in bed longer in the morning several disrupting the sleep rhythm that has establish throughout the week.

Tip: If the times of falling asleep and waking up are also based on the darkness of the day, it becomes even easier to find a good sleep rhythm.

Alternatively, you can equip your bedroom with noise protection curtains, which are usually opaque and dark.

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