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How to lose arm fat?

The arm is a body member that is often the subject of fat accumulation, both in men and women. lose arm fat Having a disproportionately flabby arm certainly significantly affects self-confidence. The wattles on the upper arms will make the body look fat, even though other body parts are quite ideal.

For the sake of getting a rugged appearance, it’s no wonder that many people are willing to do anything to get rid of the wattles on their arms. Are you one of them? If so, you should listen to the following How to Shrink Arms review. However, before knowing how to shrink arms, let’s first find out the cause of fatty and sagging arms.

Causes of fat and sagging arms

The arm is indeed a part of the body that will enlarge when a person gains weight. Fatty components are generally caused by the accumulation of excess fat in the arm area. Lack of physical activity and not doing regular exercise can lead to fat accumulation in the body, including the arms. If fat accumulation in other body parts is usually easy to lose, it will be tough to burn excess fat in the arms.

Increasing age is also another factor that affects fat in the arms. After reaching the age of 20, the body tends to store more fat in various body areas, and muscle begins to decline. So the fat that accumulates becomes more than the muscle. That’s what causes the arms to be sagging.

Metabolic rate is also another reason for fat accumulation in the arms. The metabolic rate will also decrease with age, which means the body burns fewer calories. This condition eventually leads to the collection of fat in the arms.

There are two ways to shrink arms, namely with exercise and without exercise. Well

How to reduce lose arm fat with exercise 


In addition to making you healthy and fit, swimming is also one way to shrink your arms that you must try. To get slimmer arms, it is recommended to swim two times a week. Not only to shrink the components, but swimming will also train all parts of the body.

Perfect push-ups

Not only practical for building abdominal and shoulder muscles, but push-ups are also effective for shrinking and tightening the arms. You need to do push-ups regularly so the components will get smaller and not slack. Push-ups can help tone the upper arm by burning fat in the area. The best thing about this exercise is that you don’t need any tools. Push-ups can even be done anytime and anywhere.

Knee push-ups lose arm fat

Slightly different from the perfect push-up, the knee push-up is a push-up movement that rests on the knee. This exercise is suitable for those of you who feel unable to do push-ups perfectly. The trick, position your body like doing a perfect push-up but with your knees as a pedestal. For safety and comfort, make sure you give your knees a soft base when practicing this movement.

Jump rope lose arm fat

The following way to shrink the arm is to jump rope. This simple exercise has many benefits for the body, including making the arms slimmer and helping to shrink the components. This sport that sounds playful has proven to be effective for shrinking arms. Do jump rope every day in the morning or evening. Try to increase the intensity so that the component shrinks faster.

How to reduce arms without exercise

In addition to exercise, there are other ways to shrink arms. As is known the cause of enlarged arms due to weight gain. Well, so that the arms are not big and sagging, theyou need to live a healthy lifestyle. You can start by eating healthy foods that are low in fat and increasing consumption of whole grains, eggs, low-fat dairy, vegetables, poultry, fish, lean meats, and healthy fats, such as nuts, seeds, olive oil, and fruits. fruit, such as avocado.

Eating natural foods can help keep you full without consuming too many calories. In addition to eating healthy foods, you also need to meet the needs of fluids in the body by drinking more water. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day is effective to help break down fat deposits in the body and increase the metabolic system in the body. This will launch the digestive system, so fat will not settle and accumulate in the body in vain.

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