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How‌ ‌to‌ ‌pose‌ ‌for‌ ‌photos‌?

Take a portrait, full-length photo, or “selfie” it’s the way to represent us for a special occasion or give this picture of our best face on social networks. pose for pictures If you are the type of person, who loves to pose for photos, here we are giving you the best keys to help you know the best tricks.

It seems that women have no problem posing, but the truth is that a lot of them are looking for their tricks, and exemplifying them have spent many moments posing for their photos. Surely you’re one of those people who has no idea how to pose, whether to do it on your side, cross your legs or where to place your hands. If you have too much doubt, read on.

Posing for photos, of course

The most natural way to pose is when there is no stiffness in the face or body. It is advisable to stand on your side and turn your face slightly, avoiding the shadows outweighing the areas that should not be and covering the face.

You can stand and then turn your body slightly 45 degrees. It is very masculine to get the strength of your arms to let them know that they are being cared for. You can vary the photo by taking it at a low angle, i.e., from below, to see what the picture looks like. Changing the tips and taking the image may be more than surprising, and you will love the result.

Smiling poses work very well with this half-body turn and where arms can cross. If you enjoy going outside and smiling, you can put a piece of clothing in your hands or object to give the photo a better output. In the examples we have, two men are posing with their jackets on their backs.

Posing while sitting pose for pictures

This way of posing is efficient. We don’t have to think in practical terms about positioning the arms or legs because of the main pose you take. This way, its shape will stabilize. The most common postures that work for men are when they open their legs because that gives strength and naturalness. Extending your arms and not hanging them stiffly is another position that shouldn’t be missing.

When you want to hide parts of your body

If you want to hide an area of your body because you consider it a natural part. Or maybe you want to cover up some imperfections. There are a few tricks that you can always do naturally. You can grab something by hand. And cover part of your face or lookup in one of the shots. So your face is not completely visible. Or an image that looks good is if it is done backlight where the silhouettes are outlined in black. And the background is seen from behind.

Other tricks you can use are taking a cup or glass by hand and have a drink. This will hide part of your face. Or if you have a slight belly and want to hide it. In this case, you can take a picture of yourself upside down. Or if it is summer and you are in the pool. Immerse your body at the edge of the pool and only photograph half your body.

For sports lovers pose for pictures

Spectacular photos can made for adventurous men who want to take on the world and sports lovers. There are innumerable poses and postures in which you can simulate jumping or doing some acrobatics. When you are in the gym, it is an excellent way to get good poses, with your sports outfit and an object with which you do your favorite sport. Always use this natural pose, with a grip and a rugged look, although smiles aren’t too many.

Learn to smile for the cameras

We already know that smiles are complex and the most difficult to achieve naturally. A big smile can create a ridiculous shape, but you won’t know f you don’t try. The best way to conjure up a smile is to do it naturally. Without thinking that you are looking or posing in front of the camera.

What can happen if the smile is forced? That in the end an unnatural picture will emerge, the shape of the mouth can be very large. The cheeks will swell and the eyes will become sad. One way to always be good at posing in a photo is by practicing your smile in front of the mirror . You can try relaxing your face and opening your mouth a little. It would help if you had the upper lip draw the curve of the upper teeth and that way. You control how many teeth you want to show. If you are still interested in how you look your best in the photos,

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