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How to reset your AirPods

You can easily restart in the usual Apple manner. However, this does not work on the headphones themselves. reset airpods It would be best if you also had the charging box for this. Pick up both parts and do the following:

  1. If your AirPods are still connected to an Apple device, first unpair them.
  2. On the iPhone, you are going to Settings > Blue-tooth. Find your AirPods and tap the info icon ( i ) next to the entry.
  3. In the next window, you choose this device igno-rie-ren. You confirm the indication of whether you want to do that.
  4. Put your AirPods in the charging case.
  5. Make sure that both the headphones and the charging case itself have a battery level of 100 percent. You can see this on the charging status display on the charging box. To do this, open the lid of the box.
  6. Now you close the lid of the charging box.
  7. After 15 seconds you open the lid of the box again.
  8. Now take a look at the status indicator. It should blink white. If it doesn’t, press the set-up button on the back of the case until the status indicator flashes white.
  9. To reset your AirPods to the factory settings, press the Set-up button again. This time for at least 30 seconds.
  10. Do not release the button until it flashes yellow several times and then flashes white again. Then the reset was successful.
  11. You can then re-pair your headphones with your smartphone, Apple Watch, or another device.

In these cases, the reset will help you.

A reboot solves the existing connection between your AirPods and Other Devices. After a reset, it is, therefore, necessary to re-establish the connection. This may be a chore, but doing a factory reset will help you with many minor problems with your wireless headphones – for example, the following.

Battery problems

Your AirPods don’t charge evenly and always show different battery levels? This is not a mistake at all but intended by Apple. Because each of the two headphones has its battery – after all, you can use both separately. In this case, the second AirPod remains switched off in the charging case. That then saves energy.

If your AirPods are not charging properly, you can first check whether your charging cable is perhaps not correctly inserted in the case or the charging station. Or whether the charging case itself no longer has any energy and can therefore no longer charge the headphones. If everything is okay here, try the reset. After that, everything usually works as it should.

Good for duets and solo performances: AirPods are charged independently of each other if you only want to use one. 

Pairing with iPhone does not work reset airpods

As a rule, communication between Apple devices works very well with one another. From time to time, however, minor errors may creep in or the connection itself becomes slow.

For example, you may only hear something on one of the two headphones. Here the reset usually helps to fix the channel error.

What should I do if a reset doesn’t help?

Did you factory reset your AirPods and reconnect them properly? And yet some things are not working correctly? Perhaps the problem is elsewhere.

Check the apps you are using reset AirPods

Sometimes certain apps can interfere with the connection between your headphones and your iPhone. Namely, if this fen-zugrei on the Bluetooth function of your smartphone. You don’t even have to actively use the annoying app – even if it’s running in the background, it can negatively affect your enjoyment of music.

Unfortunately, the only thing that helps here is a trial: turn off all apps that have access to the Bluetooth function individually and one after the other. After each app, check whether the connection problems with your AirPods have now been resolved. Usually, only one app is to blame for the malfunctions.

Caution: If an app has a Bluetooth share, it can access the connection even if you are not currently using the app and have not even opened it. About one-step-lun-gen > data protection > Bluetooth free-ga-be can you see may use what apps Bluetooth, and possibly off the release with the slider.

Sometimes other apps on the iPhone are interfering with the connection to the AirPods. 

How to control Siri on the AirPods

Change the volume, play the next song or reveal the artist – Siri will be happy to help you with all of this. To turn on voice to bring on board a sufficient double tap on the outside of the head followed by the familiar “Hey Siri”. Now the Apple Assistant is there to help you with questions or specific settings.

Siri is no longer listening reset airpods

Suppose the intelligent voice control does not respond to your knocking on the headphones even after the reset. In that case, there may be various reasons: You may have programmed your AirPods so that they react to the double-tap with a completely different function. Or maybe you inadvertently prevented Siri from turning on when the iPhone is locked. You can quickly check and change both.

To Siri when double tap on the head listeners to call back on the map, you go on your iPhone in the positions on Blue-tooth > Air-Pods. Here you can with double tip point Siri select.

Want to make sure that Siri on a locked iPhone communicates with you, you go to one position> Siri & Search. Here, the slider back-ter should Siri in the off-state Erlau ben be set to green.

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