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How to recognize if a set diamond is real ?

How to recognize if a diamond set is fake or true? You are in possession of a diamond ring because you broke an engagement or because you inherited it, tell if a diamond is real but you have doubts about its authenticity and have no idea how much it is worth.

You do not have a gemological certificate, the true and only identity card of a precious stone, and you do not know how to find this information.

The definitive and guaranteed solution is to have it viewed by a gemologist, the only expert professional figure able to make a true and reliable evaluation of your stone and provide you with a market cost.

Synthetic diamond

The production of synthetic diamonds. For industrial uses began in the 1950s and over the years the production has improved. So much that they have been perfected and also used for the creation of jewels. Both with colored and white stones. Synthetic diamond can also have good manufacture. Because it is the result of a complicated process that tries to resemble as much as possible. What happens in nature at very high temperatures.

Treated diamond tell if a diamond is real

There are also diamonds treated with targeted actions (through bleaching and laser) designed to improve some characteristics and therefore the final quality. They are obviously diamonds that are worth less than an untreated diamond.

Imitations of the diamond tell if a diamond is real

In this case we are dealing with stones that resemble diamonds. The best known is zircon. Sold on the market with prices absolutely different from those of real diamonds.

Who to recognize a set diamond

If you want to have your diamond evaluated. The best solution is to contact expert gemologists. Such as those of Banco Diamanti. A team of professionals graduated from the best international institutes. Able to make assessments in front of the customer in absolute transparency.

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