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How to upload music to Spotify ?

The Spotify catalog is really huge. It contains the albums of all the major recording majors: Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group. Universal etc. but it always happens that you don’t find a particular song that you would like to hear. Here the function of listening to local songs comes into play. upload music to spotify Which allows you to load songs from your PC. And listen to them in Spotify even if they are not officially contained in the service catalog.

Loading local songs in Spotify for PC is really a breeze. Just enter the program settings, indicate the folders in which they are located. And listen to them by selecting them from the “Local files” section of the application. The speech is sadly different with regard to the Spotify app for smartphones and tablets: there, to upload the songs offline. You must first subscribe to a Premium subscription (for a fee). Then create a playlist with the local songs on the PC and finally synchronize it. using the appropriate download function.

How do you say? Would you like to know more? No problem. Take a few minutes of your free time. Read the instructions on how to upload music to Spotify that. I am about to give you and try to put them into practice. Even if in a somewhat cumbersome way. I assure you that in the end. You will be able to get the desired result and upload your favorite music on the popular Swedish music streaming service.

Upload music to Spotify for computer

To load local songs in the desktop version of Spotify. All you have to do is “tell” the program where the files of your interest are. You don’t even need to subscribe to the Premium plan of the service.

If you don’t know how to add a local folder. To the Spotify library on Windows or macOS, proceed as follows. Start the official Spotify client on your computer and go to the Edit> Preferences menu (top left) if you are using a Windows PC or in the Spotify> Preferences menu (always top left) if you’re using a Mac.

At this point. Scroll down the screen that opens. Reach the Local files section and choose whether to view in Spotify the songs you have saved in the iTunes and Downloads folders and in the PC music library. Then, if the songs you are interested in are in different paths than those listed above, click the Add a source button and select the folder that contains them.

Mission accomplished! Now make sure that the lever located next to the name of the folder you added to Spotify is set to ON. Select the Local files item from the left sidebar and you should find your favorite songs in the Spotify library. Ready to listen (with a simple double-click on their titles).

Upload music to Spotify for smartphones and tablets

As already mentioned at the opening of the post. Uploading music to Spotify using smartphones and tablets is quite cumbersome. First of all. You need to subscribe to the Premium plan of the service (starting from 9.99 euros/month). Then you need to create a playlist from your PC in which to insert the songs of your interest and. Finally, after connecting the computer and the portable device to the same Wi-Fi network. You need to start downloading the playlist with the local songs offline. Below you will find detailed information with all the steps to be taken

Switch to Spotify Premium

The Spotify Premium plan. Without which it is not possible to download offline music on smartphones and tablets. Costs 9.99 euros per month (which becomes 4.99 euros/month if you are a student) but new users can try it for free for a period of 7 or 30 days. What is the difference between the two solutions? The 7-day trial does not require the entry of a payment method and does not provide for automatic renewal. The 30-day trial requires the entry of a valid payment method and has automatic renewal (which can be deactivated at any time to avoid charges at the end of the trial).

To activate the 7-day trial and enjoy Spotify Premium without automatic renewal, please follow the steps below.

  • If you use an Android device, start the Spotify app , select the tab Your library  located at the bottom right and press the gear symbol located at the top right. In the screen that opens, tap the Upgrade to Premium  and  Start Free Trial buttons  and that’s it.
  • If you are using an iPhone or an iPad. Start the Spotify app. Select the tab Your library  which is located at the bottom right and presses the gear symbol located at the top right. In the screen that opens. Tap on the Account item and press the Buy Spotify Premium  and  Start Free Trial buttons

If you want to take advantage of the 30-day trial or have already taken advantage of the free trial of the service and therefore want to upgrade to paid Spotify Premium

Proceed as follows

  • From Spotify for PC / Mac – start the official Spotify client and click on the Upgrade button located at the top right. On the web page that opens, if necessary, log in to your Spotify account and select a payment method between card and PayPal . Then enter the data relating to the payment method you have chosen (e.g. your card number or PayPal login details) and click on the Buy Spotify Premium button or the Start trial period and pay after 30 days / Continue button , to depending on the available options. Done! You are now a Spotify Premium user and therefore you can take advantage of the download function on smartphones and tablets.
  • From Spotify for Android – select the tab Your library  which is located at the bottom right and presses the gear symbol located at the top right. In the screen that opens, select the Account item , tap the Switch to Premium  and  Download Premium buttons  and select a payment method from those available ( card or PayPal ). Then enter the information relating to the chosen payment method (eg card number or PayPal login details) and complete the transaction by pressing the Buy Spotify Premium button .
  • From Spotify for iOS – at the time of this writing, the Spotify app for iOS does not allow you to activate a Premium subscription. Nobody, however, forbids you to open the browser (eg Safari ) and follow the same procedure seen above for PC

If some steps are not clear to you and you need. More information on how to get Spotify Premium for free, how to get Spotify Premium for free on Android or how to get Spotify Premium for free on iOS. Do not hesitate to consult my tutorials dedicated to the subject. 


if you have relatives who are interested in Spotify, you can divide the subscription cost by activating a Premium for Family plan. Which supports up to 5 users and costs 15.99 euros/month. upload music to spotify Alternatively, there is Spotify Premium Duo which for 12.99 euros/month allows you to have two Premium accounts. To manage the breakdown of expenses you can contact services such as Together Price.

Create a playlist with offline songs

Once you have activated a Spotify Premium plan. You need to access Spotify from your computer. And create a playlist containing the local songs you want to synchronize on your smartphone and/or tablet.

If you don’t know how to create a playlist in Spotify for Windows or macOS. Proceed as follows: select the item of the Local file from the program’s sidebar in order to view the local songs imported into the latter’s library, right-click on one or more songs you want to include in the playlist (to select multiple songs at the same time, hold down the Ctrl key on the PC keyboard or the cmd key on the Mac keyboard) and select the items Add to playlist> New playlist from the menu that appears on the screen.

At this point, repeat the operation for all the songs you want to add to the playlist (by selecting the items Add to playlist> [name of the playlist you have created] from the Spotify context menu) and select the name of the playlist you just created ( eg New playlist ) from the left sidebar.

Once the playlist has been selected, rename it as you prefer by clicking on its current title at the top of the screen that has opened and, if you do not want the list to be public (therefore traceable by other Spotify users), make it private by pressing the button ( …) and select the item Make secret from the menu that opens.

Download the music in the Spotify app

Once you have created the playlist with the offline songs, you can upload it to your smartphone or tablet. How? I’ll explain it to you right away.

First, make sure your computer and smartphone/tablet are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then you have to start the Spotify app for Android or iOS. Select the Your Library tab located at the bottom right and go to Playlists.

At this point, select the playlist you created on the PC. And which contains the local songs to be uploaded to the smartphone (or tablet). Move the lever relating to the download function (top right) to ON. And wait for the download of the songs to come to an end.

Once the download is complete. You will be able to listen to your local songs from your smartphone. Or tablet even without an Internet connection and without keeping your computer on. Convenient, right?

If you have any problems. Try restarting Spotify on both your computer and your mobile device, re-establishing. The connection to the Wi-Fi network and re-creating the playlist with the local songs.

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