Is Information Security the Right Profession for Me?

Is Information Security the Right Profession for Me?

Wondering if knowledge safety is the proper occupation for you? Great query! I’ve been operating in knowledge safety for a few years and feature had the alternative to fill various roles. In this publish, I’ll fill you in about a few of the to be had jobs in knowledge safety and what it takes to achieve each and every one.

First off, there are many other jobs inside of knowledge safety. We’re going to concentrate on 4 of them: Security Analyst (blue teamer), Penetration Tester (crimson teamer), Incident Responder, and Auditor. Here’s a short lived clarification of each and every of those roles and a few insights to lend a hand you make a decision if any of them are proper for you.

Security Analyst (Blue Teamer)

The time period “Security Analyst” can imply a couple of various things, relying on the group. In common, Security Analysts supply defensive functions to their surroundings via enforcing and tracking safety controls. These controls may well be firewalls, Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) methods, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPSs), Network Access Control (NAC) methods, and so on. Security Analysts organize the daily tuning of those controls to make sure optimal efficiency. They analyze stories and information from those methods to spot what’s customary task and what must be investigated. They then examine any strange task with a purpose to locate breaches or disasters of controls. Simply put, Security Analysts are like the legislation enforcement of the knowledge era global.

Penetration Tester (Red Teamer)

As a Penetration Tester, your process is to “hack” right into a goal’s surroundings or utility with a selected purpose in thoughts. Sounds superb, proper? It’s true that penetration trying out seems like numerous a laugh, and the motion pictures make it glance simple and glamorous. However, penetration trying out (pentesting) is nowhere close to as simple because it appears. A Pentester wishes with the intention to be informed and adapt briefly and must be capable to script in a couple of languages. You don’t should be a genius coder, however you should be capable to adapt and triumph over hindrances briefly. If you experience fixing puzzles — particularly in reality onerous ones — this might almost certainly be a job you’d like.

To achieve success at pentesting, you additionally want to feel good about failure. What?? That’s loopy, proper? I’m afraid no longer! You will spend hours upon hours attempting and failing to compromise a prone goal. This manner a excellent Pentester should be resilient and can’t be any individual who is definitely discouraged. CompTIA PenTest 1200X630 1024x538 - Is Information Security the Right Profession for Me?Much of the Pentester’s paintings will wish to be finished after hours or off-hours, in order to not have an affect on manufacturing environments. If you’re an evening owl, chances are you’ll experience the Pentester paintings time table.

If you’re fascinated with turning into a Penetration Tester, an excellent spot to start out is with my CompTIA Pentest+ route.

Incident Responder

Incident Responders are a distinct breed of people who feed off of disturbing scenarios. So if you happen to don’t care for pressure properly, I recommend you believe different roles. An Incident Responder is a part of a workforce of people who find themselves referred to as in when there’s a safety breach. As an Incident Responder, you’ll be thrown into scenarios the place corporations are dropping cash and even the place other folks’s lives are in peril and you might be tasked with containing the danger and getting issues again to customary. There are incident reaction procedures to practice, however you should understand how to briefly and successfully do your process with little to no room for error.

Personally, I like incident reaction as it’s a timed problem that forces me to suppose briefly and make good choices. Think of incident reaction as the SWAT workforce of data safety. It’s a high-stress function that normally calls for 24/7 reaction occasions.


I do know the time period “Auditor” might sound uninteresting, but it surely’s in reality no longer. As a Security Auditor, you’ll interview purchasers about their safety practices, insurance policies, and procedures, in addition to run vulnerability scans, test software configurations, and write stories. This is almost certainly the lowest-stress process in knowledge safety. In my opinion, there are 3 issues that make a excellent Security Auditor: conversation talents, technical talents, and writing talents. Good conversation talents will let you have interaction with all the other folks you interview, from the CEO to a lend a hand table technician. You at all times have to grasp your target market and be capable to successfully keep up a correspondence with them.

Believe it or no longer, an Auditor must also have technical talents. This is as a result of you must audit technical controls and be capable to perceive such things as firewall regulations, Active Directory construction, record permissions, backups, and so on. As an auditor, you might be signing your title to a document that states a consumer is effectively doing a little task. You should be capable to determine what that task is and that it’s being finished accurately. It’s vital to have your individual technical talents so that you don’t must depend on the phrase of a Systems Administrator, who will almost certainly let you know what you wish to have to listen to as a substitute of what’s in reality occurring. As an Auditor, you may additionally check the controls in position and this will likely require some technical talents for duties like convalescing a record from backup or trying out a firewall rule.

Lastly, writing talents are extraordinarily vital as a result of, at the finish of the day, you should ship well-written and correct stories for your consumer.


So, there you might have it! I’m hoping this is helping you recognize some professionals and cons of a few of the maximum commonplace roles in knowledge safety. As you’ll see, those roles range relatively somewhat in terms of operating hours, pressure ranges, and ability necessities. But, regardless of which you select, the knowledge safety neighborhood is a smart position to be if you happen to experience operating with others towards the commonplace excellent!

To be informed extra about the never-ending chances inside of knowledge safety, take a look at all the new safety Courses and Hands-On Labs we launched in January!

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