[lwn] A 2018 retrospective : linux

[lwn] A 2018 retrospective : linux

GNU/Linux is a loose and open supply instrument running gadget for computer systems. The running gadget is a selection of the elemental directions that inform the digital portions of the pc what to do and the way to paintings. Free, Libre and open supply instrument (FLOSS) signifies that everybody has the liberty to make use of it, see the way it works, and alter it.

GNU/Linux is a collaborative effort between the GNU venture, shaped in 1983 to increase the GNU running gadget and the improvement group of Linux, a kernel. Initially Linux was once meant to turn into an running gadget of its personal, however those plans had been shelved someplace alongside the best way.

Linux may be used with out GNU in embedded techniques, cellphones and home equipment, continuously with BusyBox or different such embedded gear.

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