Pulsing blue light freaks Twitter out, but it’s definitely not aliens

Pulsing blue light freaks Twitter out, but it’s definitely not aliens

A pulsing vibrant blue light illuminating the sky throughout Queens, New York on Thursday evening had everybody considering something.

But sooner than you even get started, it’s not aliens.

Awestruck other people shared photos on Twitter of the surprisingly glimmering turquoise light, every similarly as baffled as the opposite.

Similar to the 2015 freak-out of Los Angeles, when a ‘blue light’ streaked around the evening sky, other people on Twitter declared it one in every of two issues: aliens or one thing price calling Ghostbusters for.

Instead of evidence that extraterrestrials are living amongst us and the People in Black are the galaxy defenders you all the time suspected, the glimmering light was once reportedly derived from a transformer explosion at a Con Edison energy facility in Astoria, in keeping with the New York City Police Department.

Police stated the hearth was once “under control,” as showed in a tweet, and the 144th precinct requested voters to steer clear of 20th Avenue and 31st Street. NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan showed no accidents have been sustained within the explosion. 

The New York City Fire Department additionally tweeted affirmation that it was once investigating a transformer incident at Con Edison’s Queens facility. 

City Council Speaker Corey Johnson additionally famous on Twitter that New York’s LaGuardia airport was once “temporarily closed due to power outage resulting from the ConEd transformer explosion,” but was once quickly again up and operating.

Con Edison showed on Twitter that there was once a “brief electrical fire” it its Astoria substation, which affected electric transformers. This led to a “transmission dip” for the world surrounding the ability. 

“Power lines serving the area are in service and the system is stable,” the corporate tweeted.

So, there you move, the light was once led to by means of a transformer explosion. It’s definitely not aliens. It’s by no means aliens. But however…

UPDATE: Dec. 28, 2018, three:08 p.m. AEDT Con Edison issued a observation relating to the reason for the light on Twitter. This tale has been up to date to mirror this.

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