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Weekend Reading: All Things Bash
Weekend Reading: All Things Bash

Weekend Reading: All Things Bash

Weekend Reading: All Things Bash

Bash is a shell and command language. It is shipped broadly because the default login shell for many Linux distributions. We’ve rounded up one of the hottest Bash-related articles in your weekend studying.


Writing More Compact Bash Code

By Mitch Frazier

In maximum programming languages, non-scripting ones a minimum of, you need to keep away from uninitialized variables. In bash, the usage of uninitialized variables can ceaselessly simplify your code.


Normalizing Filenames and Data with Bash

By Dave Taylor

URLify: convert letter sequences into protected URLs with hex equivalents.


Roman Numerals and Bash

By Dave Taylor

Fun with retro-coding a Roman numeral converter—Dave heads again to his faculty years and solves homework anew! 

Also learn Dave’s followup article, More Roman Numerals and Bash.


Create Dynamic Wallpaper with a Bash Script

By Patrick Wheelan

Harness the facility of bash and discover ways to scrape internet sites for stimulating new photographs each and every morning.


Developing Console Applications with Bash

By Andy Carlson

Bring the facility of the Linux command line into your software construction procedure.


Parsing an RSS News Feed with a Bash Script

By Jim Hall

I will automate an hourly activity to retrieve a duplicate of an RSS feed, parse it, and save the scoop pieces to a neighborhood record that the web page can incorporate. That reduces complexity at the web page, with just a little additional paintings through parsing the RSS information feed with a Bash script.


Hacking a Safe with Bash

By Adam Kosmin

Being a minimalist, I’ve no interest in coping with GUI programs that decelerate my paintings waft or application-specific answers (akin to browser password vaults) which might be appropriate most effective towards a subset of my delicate information. Working with textual content information gives larger flexibility over how my information is structured and gives the facility to leverage same old gear I will anticipate finding maximum anyplace.


Graph Any Data with Cacti!

By Shawn Powers

Cacti isn’t a brand new program. It’s been round for a very long time, and in its personal approach, it is a difficult beast itself. I in any case in point of fact took the time to determine it out, alternatively, and I spotted that it is not too tough to make use of. The cool section is that Cacti makes RRDtool manipulation extremely handy. It did take me the easier a part of an afternoon to know Cacti absolutely, so with a bit of luck this article is going to prevent a while.


Reading Web Comics by the use of Bash Script

By Jim Hall

I practice a number of Web comics. I used to open my Web browser and try every comedian’s Web website. That way was once advantageous once I learn just a few Web comics, nevertheless it turned into a ache to stick present once I adopted greater than about ten comics. These days, I learn round 20 Web comics. It takes a large number of time to open every Web website one by one simply to learn a Web comedian. I may bookmark the Web comics, however I figured there needed to be a greater approach—a more practical approach for me to learn all of my Web comics without delay.


My Favorite bash Tips and Tricks

By Prentice Bisbal

Save a large number of typing with those to hand bash options you will not to find in an old school UNIX shell.


Note: This article was once at first printed March 2018 and up to date with further and extra present articles January 2019.

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