Where are they NOW? the ‘bitcoin investor’. : CryptoCurrency

Where are they NOW? the ‘bitcoin investor’. : CryptoCurrency

Where are they NOW? The ‘bitcoin investor’.

5ywzzhtp9fn21 - Where are they NOW? the 'bitcoin investor'. : CryptoCurrency

In November 2017, Perth was once gripped by way of Bitcoin fever. Not one to fail to spot a get wealthy fast scheme, Dawren made the final sacrifice, he offered his Hi-Lux and acquired 1 bitcoin for $7,300.

In only one month, Dawren’s funding had reached an astronomical $19okay, shit was once about to get actual. After telling all his supervisors to suck his dick in the crib room, Dawren hand over his smartly paying FIFO gig to concentrate on being a cryptoboss.

Being 100% positive the worth of BTC would hit $50okay in a couple of months, Dawren upgraded his way of life – he leased an entry-level Mercedes, he purchased BCOIN007 personalized plates and a proudly rocked a 9ct gold chain from Zamels. He had all of it.

He was once fast to include his new id as a swaggering fuckhead that dished out unsolicited funding recommendation on social media, in any case, he had climbed the beanstalk of economic freedom and he had slain the massive nagging doubt that this was once all too excellent to be true.

As a number of of his baby-mummas can testify to, Dawren was once by no means one to drag out, and in the end that might be his downfall. Instead of marketing his crypto at the peaks of its worth, he held onto it as desperately as Goerge Pell with a brand new bar of cleaning soap in the bathe.

By February 2018, he was once again in the pink, however repayments on an access point Mercedes and an Afterpaid go back and forth to Bali weren’t going to only disappear. So he channelled the spirit of the crypto-lord and did what they did best possible, purchased $6000 value of drugs on the darkish internet.

He went from the tattooed-foot investor to only a legal in a single day and used the phantasm of his good fortune to trick the dumbest cunts from his previous lifestyles into giving him cash to spend money on extra “crypto” (meth). Sure, he’d simply let a crackhead suck him off to settle the cash owing on some extent, however they didn’t know that – all they noticed was once the glamour.

As it seems, he wasn’t excellent at promoting meth both, inside of 2months issues went south for the former $10,000-aire, and after seeking to flog an 8ball to an undercover officer at Rockingham station, Dawren landed himself somewhat stretch at Hotel Hakea.

From “large and in charge” to “charged and convicted”, he had a wild journey. When requested if Dawren had any regrets, he informed us, “the meth, probably”.

~ All credit score to the superb Bell Tower Times, Western Australia.


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